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Our Asthma & Allergy Services

Our Asthma Service is lead by Dr Fran Bradshaw who has a special interest in Asthma and Allergy Management.

Asthma is a chronic health condition affecting the lungs which causes cough, wheeze, chest tightness and shortness of breath. It affects adults and children. In adults and older children (8+ years) the diagnosis can be confirmed with lung function tests ( spirometry) which can be performed here in the surgery.

Asthma can be mild moderate or severe and depending on the severity  we recommend review visits with your GP every 3-6  months where you will be monitored and your treatment may be adjusted to ensure optimum lung function.

Asthma Nurses

All of our practice nurses have had additional training in asthma management and can perform lung function tests ( spirometry).

The lung function test is performed before and after taking a salbutamol inhaler to assess reversibility which is a measure of the severity of the asthma and of how well it is controlled.

At your appointment you will be seen by the practice nurse first for spirometry , taking your asthma score and checking inhaler technique.

Asthma Education

Our practice nurses will provide a programme of asthma education covering:

  • Disease Education – the mechanism of asthma and what triggers the symptoms
  • Symptom Awareness – management of emergencies
  • Compliance – the importance of using preventive inhalers
  • Inhaler Technique – Appropriate use of your inhaler and spacer is important for good asthma control
  • Exercise – Regular daily exercise is recommended.
  • Smoking – Asthmatics are at higher risk of chronic lung disease and should NOT smoke. Ask your doctor for help to quit.

Allergy Services

Many patients with asthma also have other allergy symptoms such as allergic rhinitis and eczema. Treating allergies can assist with the management of asthma and our practice nurses are able to provide education on reducing symptoms.

We are able to refer you to specialist allergy clinics for skin prick testing and assessment for desensitisation. Once prescribed by an Allergy Specialist courses of desensitisation injections can be administered here at the practice for your convenience.