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Dr Fran Bradshaw has a special interest in child health.We like to meet our new babies in the first week they come home from hospital. We can do a health check and also check on Mum too. We understand new Mums need support in the early months to learn about their new baby. We are  here to help with advice  about feeding , sleeping and unsettled babies.  Our staff know to always offer an appointment for babies and young children if your child needs to be seen.

Baby Clinic – cancelled until further notice

Due to the social distancing laws introduced to reduce the spread of Corona Virus – our drop in clinic will remain closed until further notice.

Regular Check Ups

It is recommended to have Baby Check-ups at 1 week, 1 month and 2 months. These are all recorded in the Child Health Book. Please remember to bring the Child Health Book along to every appointment so we can monitor the baby’s health and development. This is an opportunity to ask questions about feeding and sleeping and raise any concerns you may have.


There are immunisations at 2, 4 and 6 months, 1 year, 18 months and 4 years. Immunisations are available from 11am—3pm everyday and outside these times on request. Please ring for an appointment. From 18 months you can purchase an EMLA anaesthetic patch. After the injection we ask that you wait in the Surgery for 10-15 minutes so we can make sure there is no adverse reaction to the immunisations. The common side effects after an injection are

  • The injection site may be red and may have a lump for up to 6 weeks.
  • The baby may be irritable or feverish at night.

We recommend Baby Paracetamol for fevers.

Asthma Clinic

Our practice nurses have all trained with the National Asthma Council and are available to see any children with asthma. They will do lung function tests and provide parent education. Please ask your doctor to refer your child for this service.

Other Chronic Diseases

If your child has a complex medical condition such as Asthma or Epilepsy, your GP can act as a co-ordinator for their care and provide a care plan for school and other specialists. This can also help you to access Medicare referrals to Allied Health Professionals such as a Dietician and Physiotherapist.

Behavioural Problems, Depression and Anxiety

For children with mental health problems, your Doctor may offer a GP Mental Health Plan. This can help you access a Medicare Rebate on up to 12 sessions of psychology services.

Bed Wetting

Up to the age on 7 or 8, children may have the occasional wet bed. However, if your child regularly wets the bed, please see your doctor for advice.

Out of Hours Care

You can register your family with ‘Family Care,’ the after hours doctor service. There are family memberships for one and three years. All registered members are bulk billed for out of hours consultations. You can contact ‘Family Care’ on 3831 9999.